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Nora thought that most of her problems were over with Jules' death. She has Patch, who is her guardian angel, and now her boyfriend. However, her happiness is short-lived. Patch is pulling away from Nora, and hanging out with Marcie Miller, Nora's arch enemy. Nora is extremely hurt and angry with Patch and finds ways to get back at him. She becomes determined to figure out all of Patch's secrets, and those surrounding her father's murder. But with each step that she takes she goes deeper and deeper into world of the Nephilim and fallen angels, and will uncover secrets that she may wish she never found out.

Hush Hush (the first book) had me gripped to the edge of my seat wanting to know more and more about this world of fallen angels and of Patch and Nora. So of course I was excited to have the second book on my book shelf waiting for me to open into it and fall back into the world. I paced myself, I read some other books in-between the first novel and this novel. Thank God. 

I really wanted to like this book because it has so many elements that I love. Angels, are by far my favorite of the paranormal genre. It had a sexy main male character; Patch. *Ahem* WHO DOESNT LOVE PATCH!? He's the perfect "Bad Boy"! I loved Nora's best friend Vee. She put a smile on my face, was always there for Nora no matter what, and she was FUNNY at times when it was really needed. If it wasn't for Patch and Vee, I wouldn't have bothered with this book. Why you ask? One word, NORA.

She is by far one of my least favorite female characters of ALL TIME. I haven't been so infuriated with a character in a very long time. She was extremely annoying with how she handled situations, she was immature and selfish and absolutely drove me crazy. I had so many times when I was about done with this book, and it was all because of Nora. She has such irrational thinking, and takes advantage of her friend Vee. How Vee is able to put up with her is completely beyond me. If I had a friend like Nora who was constantly complaining, asking me for favors, and making me drive her everywhere, I would have told her to get away a very long time ago. Whenever Vee needed Nora, Nora made it seem as if it was a BIG deal that Vee was asking for a favor. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Some people say that Nora was annoying in the beginning but got better throughout the book. I disagree. Nora was still the same amount of annoying as the beginning, just by the end of the book there was a lot going on so you didn't have to focus so much on what a brat Nora was.
The story was very well written, and it left on a very nasty cliff hanger that made me go "OH COME ON!" The suspense writing was amazing and left me wanting more and more by the end.

Silence is going to be released October 4th and honestly I don't know if I'm going to get it. I love Patch, and I love Vee but Nora needs a big giant wake up call. I think I'll wait a few weeks or so till I see what people are saying. If they say Nora is still the same brat as before, no thanks.

Rating: 2/5

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