About me

Yup. I'm a dork. Wait.. you wanted to know something that you didn't know already? Oh.

Jessica is my name, and I'm 21. I grew up in Toronto, Canada and then moved to the United States when I was 17 years old. Do I still have an accent? Eh? Yes. Moving to the states has been anything but easy, working on immigration is a lot of work, and has caused me to miss out on going to college for 2 years. However, I spent those 2 years finding out who I want to be. 

I have always loved to read. I write my own short stories and maybe one day I'll publish my own novel. That is, if I ever get over my fear of being vulnerable. Being a writer causes me to be a little bit more critical of books and when I don't like something you will know. When I love a book? Well.. lets just say I'll let everyone know!