Thursday, November 10, 2011

Book Review: Arson by Estevan Vega

Publisher: StoneGate Inc
Series: Arson #1
Edition: E-book
Pages: 318
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Paranormal

Summary taken from goodreads:
Arson Gable feels like a freak. He can create fire. He never asked for it. He never wanted it. But he can't shut it off. Before now, three things were true: he both loved and despised his grandmother; his life was going nowhere; and he was alone. But when a strange girl—who feels more normal behind a mask than inside her own skin—moves in next door, Arson hopes to find something he's never had: purpose. Using what he fears most about himself, Arson must face his consuming past and confront the nightmare that is his present as he walks the fine line between boy and monster. Dark, moody, and breathtakingly relevant, Arson, the chilling chronicle of an isolated boy with unimaginable ability, is sure to ignite the hearts and minds of a new generation.

My thoughts:

When I first started reading this book I couldn't help but think about the movie Fire starter with Drew Barrymore, I was so excited to find out that this was not only way better but much different then what I expected.
I will start off by saying that it was a little difficult to get into this book however thats usually the thing with the first books in a series. It's trying to set up for upcoming books that will have massive amount of action so of course after reading for a little bit longer I was hooked.

The connection between Arson and Emery was extremely real and genuine. Their romance truly has the making of a really powerful paranormal love story. Arson is completely drawn to her and feels the need to protect her from everything and it was extremely beautiful to read that. Of course that wasn't the only thing in the book because I get really annoyed with books that have an easy romance and no action.

The pace of the book started to become heavy near the end of the book. (Sequel is going to be really dark)

I give a lot of credit to authors who are able to switch up point of views in a book without completely disrupting the story. Estevan has a gift of keeping up with the flow with the book with the flawless transitions between characters. I loved that, and that is something I really love in books.

What Arson has to go through with his grandmother really breaks my heart. I won't give anything away but at times it was difficult to read those parts because I felt horrible and sad for Arson. He still loves his grandmother no matter what she says to him.

I can't wait to read book #2 and see what happens to Arson and Emery!

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