Thursday, November 10, 2011

Harper Inprint challenge (Starting January)

This is going to be my first challenge on this blog and I am super excited! I saw this through a couple blogs I follow and decided I had to be apart of it!

This challenge is hosted by Starry Sky Books make sure to check that out for a full list of rules, guidelines and questions! To make this short and sweet it is a challenge to read as many HarperCollins imprints that publish YA books in that month!

  • This challenge is open to anyone, that can be if you blog, youtube or don't do either!
  • Books started before January 1 do not count
  • Your books can be crossovers with other challenges

Me being the challenge seeker that I am, I'm going to attempt to do the hard level! Which is 9-12 books!

Right before the start of this challege I will list all books I will be reading that month and add my progress to each. I am also going to do a youtube video about this challenge to get as many people in this as possible!!

Okay, now I need to go make a list fo the books I want to read!


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