Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back into the swing of things!

Hey guys =)

So I know I was a little MIA with my blog for a couple of days I promise I have a good excuse coupled with some exciting news!

I applied for a book spot on a blog and I was focusing my attention with sending her mock reviews and also focusing a lot of my attention on my youtube!

I can say that I am officially part of  @ Rosey's Review 
She reviews Tv shows, movies, and books! I was lucky enough to get a spot as a book reviewer!! So excited to begin my work there and that starts in January!

ALSO she is having sign ups for her book challenge of 12 dystopians in 12 months. So you read one dystopian for every month in the year of 2012! So be sure to check that out and thank you for everyones continued support!

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  1. Ohh that dystopian challenge sounds fun! I signed up too. Dystopia is my favourite genre. I first really got into it with Margaret Atwood's book "Oryx and Crake." She released the sequel, "The Year of the Flood" and I got to meet her! So dystopian novels hold a special spot in my heart, hehe.